The first step is to navigate to the task section of the book indicated by the wrench icon on the left vertical menu. Once you are looking at the task list search for the task you would like to move by using the search bar or navigating the drop down menus to get to the subcategory where the task currently is assigned. Once you find the task you would like to copy click on the copy button. The image is enlarged below.

After clicking the copy button a pop up will appear. This is where you will be able to choose the business type you would like to move the task to. If you would just like to copy the task into the same business type and make changes to it you do not need to change the business type. Once you have selected the business type you then can check the marketing data box if you would like the cross sells and upsells that are associated with the original task to be included in the copy. Lastly click save to create the copy.*

  1. Task Copy Button
  2. Business Type that you want to put the copied task into
  3. Marketing Data check box to copy over cross sells and upsells

*Important note - When copying a task within its own business type the category assignment is copied, but when copying into a different business type the category is removed because you cannot have duplicate categories. You must assign this to a category that exists within that business type or create a new category to assign it to. Listed below are articles on assigning categories and creating categories.

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