When viewing a work order with an option attached to it or option board you will have two choices to pick from: "Customer View" or "Technician View". When viewing the technician version you will be able to see each individual line item priced out within the option. Hidden tasks will also be visible on the technician view. You will also be able to see quantities and task numbers on the tech view. With the customer view all of those will be hidden and you will only be presenting the non-hidden tasks and the bundled price

To switch between these two views simply click on the slider button on the top right of the app

You will be able to set defaults for which version gets sent where. Our recommendation is to always send the customer view to customers, tech view to the office, and customer view to other just in case the other email address you enter in happens to be a customer

Below are some images to show you the differences on the PDF and on the quote and option builders

Customer View Option Sheet PDF

Tech View Option Sheet PDF

Customer View Option Cover Sheet PDF

Tech View Option Cover Sheet PDF

Customer View Option Builder

Tech View Option Builder

Customer View Work Order PDF

Tech View Work Order PDF

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