Within the Notification Settings in Profit Rhino you can edit your default email recipients, and where your email is being sent from. 

In the "Email Option" drop down you will have these choices: Office & Customer, Office Only, Customer Only, User Selects. For this example I have selected Office & Customer. When I go to email the work order I get the pop up you see below and the Office & Customer selection I made will automatically check off those two boxes so your tech does not need to choose who to send it to. (These boxes can be unchecked or checked regardless of what default you select) 

One more thing to take note of is the "Per Default Settings" selection below. Since my settings have been set to send from "server as yourservicework.com" I now have the option to send the customer the customer view and the office the tech view with one email rather than having to send to separate ones each with a different view

Email Pop Up on the Mobile App

Settings Menu Where Changes Were Applied

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