With the new build of Profit Rhino, you may notice a small, but significant, change to your book management. 

Previously, the books made no real distinction between tasks and add-ons besides the first character of the task number. Usually, add-ons started with A and tasks started with T. With tasks and add-ons appearing haphazardly on the same list, technicians were forced to manually organize them by hand moving each item. (If you are unfamiliar with the what a task or add-on is, please check out the article that will give a more detailed explanation). That led to the book management being cluttered and cumbersome. Here's an image of how the manage book tab previously looked.

                              MANAGE BOOK TAB IN PREVIOUS ITERATION (below)

You'll notice, if you take a quick look at the above red arrows, tasks and add-ons are all showing up. In this example, as I said above, I've organized them by changing the order that they'll appear in my book. While this is certainly not the worst organization system, it still raises issues. So, what we've done is added what is essentially a toggle between the two. Now, instead of add-ons and tasks being completely separate items, they've become different price and labor calculations instead. Here's a series of images to illustrate what I mean.

                    NEW MANAGE BOOK [TASKS ONLY] (below)

This is what your manage book tab will look like while you've got your tasks toggled on. You'll notice that all the add-ons have completely disappeared (denoted by the fact that all task numbers begin with T instead of A) and only regular tasks show up. By clicking the button (squared in red in the image), you can change it to only show add-ons instead.


This image shows what that same book will look like if you toggle it to show only add-ons. You'll notice that I have actually highlighted the same item (or maybe it's too hard to tell with the image size) but the duration and price have changed.

Another significant change, is in how you'll be adding new tasks or add-ons to a book. In the old build, you would have three separate buttons for adding a task, add-on, or both. You'd also have to check the box of every task you'd like to add. The image below illustrates.


With the new build, and with the changes to how add-ons and tasks are viewed by the program, there won't be three different buttons and you won't need check off boxes to add tasks. The image below illustrates.


The main benefit of this change is simplification and cleaner organization of the product. It's much easier to be able to toggle between a different price and duration than to manually separate tasks and add-ons and should make it a little easier to customize your book.

With these changes, you'll need to be familiar with how to make a task appear an add-on when creating and editing your tasks. That process will be detailed in a separate article.

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