This article will help you break down the changes that have been made to editing tasks in your Profit Rhino application.

In previous iterations of the application the layout of the pages in which you edited tasks was a bit different. The following images will help highlight the discrepancies between the two pages.

The old iteration was laid out horizontally, you could disable tasks and keep add-ons enabled, and there was no Discount Task check box.

In the new iteration, we've added a check box (Discount Task) that will allow you to export negative values to partner services (I.E. Service Titan). The implications of that can be more properly explained by one of our on-boarding specialists, but the basic gist is that it'll allow for easier creation of flat discounts. In addition to that change, we've got a nice vertical lay out that's a bit easier on the eyes. You'll notice that you can no longer disable tasks, this is because tasks and add-ons are no longer being treated as completely separate items, but rather differences in price and labor calculations via a toggle switch. [If you are confused about that change, there are articles that will explain in more detail] In order to disable a task entirely now, you must render it inactive using the "Inactivate" button.

That pretty much sums up all the basic changes to the Edit Task pages in our application. We feel that these changes will help to optimize efficiency in our exporting process, and make the interface a little more user friendly.

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