A task in Profit Rhino can have two sets of pricing, task pricing and Add-On pricing. Both Pricing schemes utilize the same parts list to calculate parts and material costs but have different amounts of time to calculate the labor within the flat rate task.

Add-On's are meant to allow you to discount (by time) a task to allow your technicians to offer additional services with a discount in addition to the main repair they were originally dispatched for.

Add-On Time is often considered the pure wrench time of a task. this means the total time actually on wrench doing the repair. Task time is wrench time plus additional sales and setup time required to perform the task that your company should take into account on every service call.


Lets see how this works 

Head over to a task record in your Profit Rhino Account. Notice the section for task and Add-On setup.

Task Time and Addon time in the default database are determined using the table below:


Now lets head over to the calculations tab on the task to see how this reflects on the task we used in the example above:

Here we can see that because we have the Add-On enabled we can now see the Add-On Total table that shows the difference in task price. In this example we see the difference in labor cost going from a 60 minute task to a 30 minute Add-On to move the landed task price from 150.00 for the primary task to $75.00 for the addon (Value Rate).

Profit Rhino Mobile Application:

Use the Toggle on the top of the price book to toggle the view of tasks and Add-Ons

Service Titan 2.0 application:

Pricing is added to the base task when entered into service titan so just find the task in the price book and flip the "Add-On" toggle on the task and pricing will reflect correctly the Add-On price.

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