Whether it be a brand new top of the line part, or something to that effect, or you've just started working with a new part in general, Profit Rhino provides you with the tools to add it into your book without much hassle.

The first thing you'll need to do is to log onto your Profit Rhino, head over to the parts tab, and then click the [Add New Part] button. The following image demonstrates:

                                              CREATING A NEW PART (PART 1)

Once you've clicked on the [Add New Part] button, you should see the Create Part pop-up. Select a business type to add this part to, (plumbing, HVAC, installs, etc) and then hit [Next]. Doing so will bring you to the following screen:

                                             CREATING A NEW PART (PART 2)

First, you'll need to select a product line to add this part to.

Second, give it a Rhino Part. Rhino Parts function as part names and numbers. This will help you keep all your parts separate so you don't get them confused.

Next, give the part a description to further differentiate it from other parts and keep track of what this part is going to be used for.

After doing that, you'll need to set the [Cost] of this part. I've set mine to 200, not for any particular reason though,

Once that is done, you'll need to mark whether or not the part is sensitive. Any part that costs more than $200 should be marked as sensitive, so that they can be brought up in the proper reports. It won't effect you too much on the front-end, but it's still pretty important.

Now that you've got it marked as sensitive or not, the next step will be deciding whether or not it's markup exempt. That's solely up to you, but there may be certain parts you don't think should be marked up.

The last thing you'll need to do on the [Cost] page, is deal with the retail price. If you haven't made it markup exempt, it will automatically generate a retail price for you. If you have made it markup exempt, you'll need to enter your own retail price manually.

That takes care of everything that will need to be done in the [Cost] section. But, there are two more sections we'll be taking a look at.

The following image shows what the [Sourcing] tab should look like on a new part:

                                          CREATING A NEW PART (PART 3)

The sourcing page allows you to input information about the particular vendor you receive the part from, the UPC of the part, and other miscellaneous information that you may feel is necessary to include. 

It is, however, completely optional, so feel free to leave it blank.

Which brings us to our next page, [Task Assignments]:

                                           CREATING A NEW PART (PART 4)

The [Task Assignments] tab will show you which tasks this part has been assigned to thus far. As this task is brand new, this page should be blank. 

You don't have to input any information into this tab for a new task.

                                             CREATING A NEW PART (FINAL)
The Accounting section allows you to add the customer if he pays the commission yes/no, Account details and also you can enter the External ID of the customer.

Now that we've entered all the information that we need for a new part, all we need to do is click [Save] and we're all set. Good luck.

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