In previous articles, I've gone into depth about editing tasks and creating parts. In this article, I'm going to briefly talk about another way you can create parts, and how to better manage the parts already present in a task.

Please keep in mind that this process I'm showing you is merely a different process for creating a part. Any parts that you create in this fashion will be the exact same as if they were created in the traditional way.

The first thing you'll need to do it log on to Profit Rhino, head over to the task tab, click on a task that you want to edit, and scroll down to the parts section.

After doing that, click the [Add Part] button to begin the process of creating a new part within a task. After doing so, you should see the following screen:

                                  CREATING A PART WITHIN A TASK (PART 1)

First, after clicking [Add Part] you'll get a pop up that allows you to search for parts to add. Instead of doing that, click [Create Part].

Then, you'll see another pop up, prompting you to select a business type. This is the business type your new part will be added to.

After choosing a business type, click [Next] and you should see the following screen:

                                      CREATING A PART WITHIN A TASK (FINAL)

As the image says, a new window will pop up with a blank part screen. The steps you'll need to follow to create a new part from this point on and held in another article, so I won't be outlining them again here.

Once you've created the part, hit [Save] and your new part will be added to the book and to this task.

In addition to creating parts within tasks, we'll also be going over editing and deleting parts assigned to tasks. (That's to say removing them from the task, not deleting them from the book entirely)

After you've created your new book, or when you click to edit a task and scroll down, your screen should look like this:

                                 EDITING AND DELETING PARTS WITHIN A TASK

The pencil icon will allow you to edit a part. If you click on it, another window will open up, similar to the image above, where you can tweak anything you need to for the part.

If you'd rather just remove the part from your task entirely instead, simply click the garbage can icon and it'll be gone.

Make sure you save all the changes you've made, or else they won't be applied to the task. Good luck.

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