When using Profit Rhino, you may find that you'll need to create new categories as the scope of your business increases. Similarly, you may find that one of your categories has been pared down to the bare minimum and that it probably doesn't need to be its own category anymore.

Profit Rhino provides you with the tools to deal with both of those situations without hassle.

The first thing you'll need to do is log on to your Profit Rhino account, head over to the [Manage Book] section, click a business type to work in, and click the button that says [Add Category]. If done correctly, you should see the following screen:

                                                CREATING A CATEGORY

Once you've made it to this screen, you'll need to fill out the fields being asked for in the pop up window.

First, name your category so your techs can easily ascertain what's contained in it

Second, You can then add your External ID.

Thirdly, add your Account and upload the category image into it, you can do this by adding image from your library or can upload from web.

Then, if you want, add some notes to get some specific information at a glance.

Finally, once you've gotten those fields filled out properly, click [Save] to create your new category.

Now we'll go over combining categories to help clear up some of the clutter in a well used book. Your screen should look something like this after you've created your new category (it will look like this even't if you haven't created a new category):

                                           COMBINING CATEGORIES (PART 1)

You can see the new "Demonstration" category that I created in our previous example. Now, I don't really want this to exist because there's nothing in it anyway, so I'm going to combine it with the category below it (even though deleting it would be much easier).

To start us off, hit the button on the far right of the action section indicated by the arrow above. After doing so, your screen will look like this:

                                              COMBINING CATEGORIES (PART 2)

Ok, so we have a pop up to work with now.

The first thing you'll need to do is choose a category to combine this one with. (I've chosen the one right below it).

Then, you'll need to choose wither you want to combine and delete, or combine maintain.

If you choose to combine, all the data from the category you've chosen to combine will be shifted into the category you've chosen to combine with. Then, it'll be turned to Inactive state from the Active state by sliding the toggle as shown in the image in Actions column from your book.

If you choose to combine and maintain, all the data will be shifted over, but the category won't disappear.

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