In an effort to tailor your Profit Rhino to your personal needs/preferences, you may have run into the need of creating new business types/categories/subcategories. Or, maybe you just want to change the look or description of a business type/category/subcategory. Whatever the case, Profit Rhino has provisions for you to make those changes pretty simply.

The first thing you'll need to do is log into your Profit Rhino account, head over to the manage book section, and select a business type. Once there, click on the small pencil icon in the Action section of the business type/category/subcategory you want to alter. After doing so, your screen should look like this:

                                   ADDING IMAGES & NOTES TO SUBCATEGORIES

Once you've clicked the pencil icon (shown on the far right in the image) you'll see a pop up box with some alterable fields.

To add an image to your business type/category/subcategory, click on the [Add Images From Your Library] or [Upload Image] button. The former will allow you to upload an image saved in your Profit Rhino library, while the latter will allow you to upload an image straight from your computer.

To add notes (usually a description) to your category/subcategory, simple click into the field that says "Notes" and write down your notes. You cannot add notes to business types.

After you're done making changes, click the [Save] button and you're all set. Good luck.

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