When everything of a particular customer is over you might want to remove the customer to avoid the confusion with the active customers, but you do not want to delete the entry of that customer completely as you may require the information later as well. So for this reason Profit Rhino brings you the feature of Active/Inactive customer. By using this functionality you will not lose the customer's data, instead he will be hidden in the list of active customers.
You just have to follow few easy steps to put the customer in an inactive state:

Step 1: Go to Customers section and select the customer on whom the action has to be performed.

Step 2: Use the toggle to make the customer in Inactive condition from Active and hit save button.

Step 3: Go back to customers page and select Inactive status from the Dropdown provided on the page.

And its done, you can now remove a customer without getting worried for all the data to be deleted.

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