With our latest update to Profit Rhino, we've begun adding the ability to create customers on web. Profit Rhino allows you to keep a track of your customers and also with the new feature to add a customer you can easily add them by simply entering their details.

 This can be done by following the below approach:

                                                        CREATING A CUSTOMER 

Demonstrated above:
Step 1: After you have logged in your account simply go on to the customers section by clicking the customers option from the left menu available.
Step 2: Just go on to the Create a Customer option and you will be redirected automatically to the next page.

This page will look like this:

Step 3: Fill in the details of the customer you want to add and hit save button available on top right corner of the page.

                                                            SEARCHING A CUSTOMER
You can search any customer from your list by just entering his/her name or Email address, also you can search your customer by clicking the dropdown Active/Inactive if you want to find him according to the status.

The following image shows how this can be done:

Well that's it, you have successfully added new customer to your list.

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