To search for an invoice you just have to enter Invoice Number / Customer name /Customer Email in the search box and there you go.  Profit Rhino also allows you to search any kind of customer invoice with various filters- according to its work status, PMT Type, Invoice Type, Technician and time period. 

The Invoices page looks like this:

Lets have a look on to some new ones:

Work Status
Every customer can be assigned a work status which makes pretty convenient to search the required customer by the work status.

For this you need to assign a work status to the customer by simply choosing the work status drop down available on the list of every customer in the last column. You have five options available to assign namely Cancelled / Open / In-Progress / Complete / Done, choose accordingly for a customer to assign.

 As you can see in the image below:

This also allows you to perform bulk action, if you want to change the Work status of many customers, this can be seen in the following image:

PMT Type

You get the options: cash/card/check/financed to search your customer.

Searching Invoices for the specific customer
You can also keep a track of the invoice of a particular customer by performing the following steps:
Step 1: Select the customer you want to view invoices for from the Customers section.
Step 2: Just click on Invoices tab displayed on the customer page.

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