A customer may have several addresses (home, work, etc) so it becomes vital to update all the addresses for convenience.

For this you just have to follow simple steps:
Step 1: Go to customers section.
Step 2: Select the customer for whom the address is to be updated.
Step 3: Choose addresses from the given tabs on the customer's page.
Step 4: For Additional Addresses choose Add Service Address option and the add the details.

What Actions can be performed for the Child/Additional Addresses?

As you can see the above image, it will be observed that these four actions can be performed for a created additional address. Let us understand these actions:

  1. This button makes the selected Additional Address as default (there can only be one default address).
  2. This pencil icon allows you to edit the details as required.
  3. This trash can button will delete the created service address.
  4. The last one man icon will switch the parent of the created address. This step can be explained in the image below:

This way you can update the Addresses for the customers successfully.

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