With Profit Rhino's latest updates to both emailing and our PDFs, we've had to make some significant changes to our notifications screen. The notifications screen is now responsible for the following:

  1. What version of the PDF is being sent to who by default (I.e. the customer gets the customer view, the office gets the technician view, and custom email addresses get the office view)

  2. Your particular email settings

  3. The default email body that your work orders will be attached to

So that's a lot to take in. Lets chunk this out a little bit to make it a little easier to understand. We'll start with the PDF Settings section:

So what we're doing here is just selecting what version of the PDF these receivers will get. The customer view or the technician view. The customer view hides information you wouldn't want a customer to see (quantities of items on option boards, individual prices of items on option boards) and the technician view includes that information.

You can override these defaults on any email through Profit Rhino, these defaults are just for convenience sake.

Next, we have the Email Settings themselves:

See here we're determining the following:

  1. The office email that work orders will be sent to when Office is selected as a sender choice.

  2. The default selection for who PDFs will be sent to (Office & Customer, Office Only, Customer Only, User Selects) This is really just going to save technicians time, since they won't have to click the checkbox next to customer every single time they try to send an email if you have customer selected.

  3. The email address that appears on Work Order. This is just so you can set the email address a customer will see and may contact you at if they have questions.

  4. Whether or not your logo appears in the email body that is sent out.

  5. Whether your email is sent directly from the tablet (as in using the tablets mailing client) or from Profit Rhino's web client. I recommend always using Profit Rhino's client, which is "Server as yourservicework.com"

Finally, you have the area where you can customize the email body that is sent to customers:

Here you can customize the text in any fashion that you may want.

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