Before continuing setting up your payments make sure to download Pay Simple's app "AppConnect". This is not to be confused with Pay Simple's standalone app "Pay Simple". You will need the AppConnect app to use the integration with Profit Rhino.

To begin using Profit Rhino's new payment functionality, you'll need to adjust your settings slightly. The following images will demonstrate:

                                       SETTING UP PAYMENTS (PART 1)

Demonstrated Above: 

1st. You'll need to click into the settings tab.
2nd. Make sure you head into the new payments section.
3rd. Enable your payment modules accordingly.

Upon completing the steps outlined in the image above, you'll be brought to the following screen:

                          SETTING UP PAYMENTS (PART 2)

  1. When you select to Enable Custom Payment Process

Demonstrated Above:
1st. You'll first need to name your payment option to help you differentiate it from other payment options you may choose to set up.
2nd. Input the website URL of your particular payment portal of choice.
3rd. Add a phone number for your payment institution so your technicians or customers can call with questions.
4th. Input a 4 digit code to make this payment option unique. It can be any combination of letters and numbers.
5th. Select whether or not this will be used for credit cards for ACH payments.
6th. Make sure this payment option is enabled.
7th. Click Submit.

2. When you select to Enable PaySimple Payment Process
This integration allows your technicians to take payments right in the field within your normal invoice workflow as well as manage reoccuring payments for maintainance plan and much more!

Once you've completed all the steps that have been outlined above, you'll be ready to use your new payment option in the Profit Rhino mobile application. Just make sure you've got the latest version of Profit Rhino installed, and your book is synced up. Your payment option should appear as follows in the web.

                                               SETTING UP PAYMENTS (FINAL)

Now that you've built out your new payment option, this is how'll you be using it in the web. Open up your Profit Rhino application and build out an invoice as you normally would. Then, click the payment button just as you'd done before this update. The following image demonstrates:

                            USING THE NEW PAYMENT PROCESSING (PART 1)

Once you've done that, fill out the payment screen just like you've done before. (For credit cards, input the last 4 digits of the card and the balance they're paying and then click save). Once you've done that, your payment portal will open itself up in Profit Rhino as demonstrated below:

(For the rest of this article, I'll be using Paysimple as my payment processing portal. The steps should be (largely) the same between different processing portals, but please keep in mind some things may work differently for yours.)

                        USING THE NEW PAYMENT PROCESSING (PART 2)

A couple things to note here, all the customer information you've entered for this invoice will appear in a bar at the top of the screen regardless of what payment portal you're using. If you need to use this information at any point, you can simply copy and paste it where it's needed.

Once I've entered the invoice amount, I can click Pay Now and move on:


As I said above, your payment portal may function a little differently. But for Paysimple, once I've entered in the customer information and credit card, I can complete the checkout and then click the close button to return to the invoice screen of the Profit Rhino application.

                                    PAYMENT PROCESSING FINISHED

Now you can see that my payment has been applied and I can move on with any other steps I might take with this customer and invoice.

Now certainly, this is not the peak level of integration Profit Rhino will have with payment processing applications. But, what we have here is the beginning of an amazingly streamlined Profit Rhino process. Good luck.

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