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Setting Up Payments Through Profit Rhino
Setting Up Payments Through Profit Rhino
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Before continuing setting up your payments make sure to download Pay Simple's app "AppConnect". This is not to be confused with Pay Simple's standalone app "Pay Simple." You will need the AppConnect app to use the integration with Profit Rhino.

To begin using Profit Rhino's new payment functionality, you'll need to adjust your settings slightly. The following images will demonstrate:

To set up payments:

Go to My Account.

Go to Tax.

Then Payments.

Enable which payment module you need.

If you enable PaySimple Payment Process:

This integration allows your technicians to take payments right in the field within your normal invoice workflow as well as manage reoccurring payments for maintenance plan and much more!

Once enabled, you'll be ready to use your new payment option in the Profit Rhino mobile application. Just make sure you've got the latest version of Profit Rhino installed, and your book is synced up.

If you enable Custom Payment Process:

  1. You'll first need to name your payment option to help you differentiate it from other payment options you may choose to set up.

  2. Input the website URL of your particular payment portal of choice.

  3. Add a phone number for your payment institution so your technicians or customers can call with questions.

  4. Input a 4 digit code to make this payment option unique. It can be any.

  5. Select whether or not this will be used for credit cards for ACH payments.

  6. Make sure this payment option is enabled.

  7. Click Submit.

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