Using The Grid Matrix

How to use the grid matrix to build a task on the fly

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Anyone using flat rate has surely run into a scenario where the flat rate tasks they have in their book just do not adequately reflect the job they need to do. Whether you don't have that particular task created, or it is just a unique scope of work, Profit Rhino has a solution for you.

The Grid Matrix is a set of tasks that represents generic labor time paired with generic part pricing. What this will allow you to do is select a task labor time and a task material cost, but present it to the customer as a flat rate. So using your bill out rate and parts mark up that is loaded into your Profit Rhino account, you'll be able to use Time & Material to accurately price a task in the field.

Grid Matrix Abbreviations:

  • MPT - Minutes Per Task, how long is this task going to take

  • PRT - the total part or material costs for this job

When you've selected the desired task, we recommend editing the task name on your work order so that you're not showing the customer the MPT or the PRT cost.

The Grid Matrix is not intended to replace prebuilt tasks. It's a great benefit to have a prebuilt task that has descriptions, cross sells, upsells, has images and all the other great content that can be linked to a task. But the Grid Matrix can get you out of a jam when you're having trouble locating the task you need.

What we always recommend is that if your technician has to use the Grid Matrix for a task that you think could come up again, you'll want to go into the price book and create a task to fit that circumstance that the Grid Matrix was used for.

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