It is time consuming to perform certain actions on each and every task, especially when the actions to be performed are the same on the various task. We have now added the ability to do bulk actions on both tasks and parts. Bulk Actions functionality allows you to perform an action on multiple parts or tasks by selecting them and changing the desired setting in a few clicks

Now, let us see how this works:

For this you just have to go to the Task or Part sections from the left menu bar and you will be on your task or part list. Just select the tasks or parts you want to make changes on from the check boxes provided on each task. Then just go on to the Bulk Actions drop down and select the desired action to be performed.

In the image above you can see how the Bulk Action is performed to a group of tasks.  You can check each Task/Part that you want to effect, then click the "Bulk Action" drop down menu and make the desired change.

This functionality allows you to make changes on:


  • Active/Inactive
  • pays commision yes/no
  • taxable yes/no


  • active/inactive
  • pays commision yes/no

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