Profit Rhino allows you to set the price of a task manually. we provide two options of setting that price.
Navigate to the task record you want to set to a Fixed Price Task.  Below is a screen shot of what that screen will look like.

in the "Type" field we have two different options for setting a fixed price. first is Fixed Price - Manual. This setting opens up the fixed pricing fields for all three pricing columns to be set.  You can manually update all three price columns from there.

Fixed Price - Calculated is the other option.  This allows you to set a value rate for a task and then use your business information mark-ups to calculate the standard and premium price of a task.  So those second two rates would be automatically updated based on your Business Information. 

The third option in the "Type" field is the one that is predominantly used to price Tasks in Profit Rhino.  That is "Time and Material."  So with T&M you are taking into account the labor times multiplied by the labor rate that you have entered into your Business Information section plus the part.  So the part price is determined by the cost of the part loaded into the pricebook multiplied by your Parts Markup Schedule.  

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