When using Profit Rhino, you may run into some scenarios where you need to make changes to a large amount of customer data. Whether that's inactivating them, or merging them, Profit Rhino does have a solution. That solution is known as a bulk action. Using bulk actions you can activate or merge any number of customers all at once.


To perform bulk actions on your customer records, you'll need to head into the customer section on the Profit Rhino web portal. Once there, you'll need to do the following:

Step 1: Click the checkbox next to all of the customer's numbers that you wish to change and then select the bulk action drop-down: You will be able to Activate, Inactive, or Merge the customers you selected all at once instead of individually.

Activating the customers if they were currently inactive will allow your techs to search for them in the field and pull up their information (once they have synced their Mobile App),

Inactivating will do the opposite, it will hide those customers on the Mobile App so your techs will be unable to located and create work orders for them unless they create them as a brand new customer again.

Below is how you can merge them into another customer so all of the data lives in one place:

Step 2: If you selected "Merge", you'll see a pop-up asking you to search for the customer you'd like to merge these duplicates into:

Step 3: Click the green button next to the customer you want to merge these into, you'll see a pop-up confirming you do want to merge these customers:

What merging customers will do, is take all quotes/invoices that this customer had and add them to the customer you merged into. It will also take the service address, if it was different, and add that under the list of service addresses for the customer merged into.

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