Those of you using Profit Rhino's mobile tool have probably noticed that it's not exactly effortless or convenient to "split" repairs when building or customizing option boards. "Split," in this case, referring to having two versions of the same repair on an option where one is a Task and the other is an Add-on. This is an important thing to do, because it's the difference between over or under charging your customers.

In order to utilize this feature, you'll need to be in Profit Rhino's mobile tool with an option board opened for editing. (To edit an option board you need to be in technician view, the toggle in the top right must not be green).

Once there, find a repair on that board that has a quantity greater than 1 and click the minus button next to its name and you'll see four buttons appear. The one we're interested in for now is "Split Line". The image below demonstrates:

Upon clicking "Split Line", there will be a pop-up of sorts on the top of your screen, asking you how many task versions of this repair you want, and how many add-on versions of this repair you want. In my case I'm going to say I'd like two tasks and one add-on.

After deciding your quantities, select the "Convert Line" button. The following image demonstrates:

After doing so, you should see the appropriate number of task/add-on versions of the repair you split. The following image demonstrates:

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