There are numerous different ways to have an option board sorted by default, but what if I want to just say "Have this repair show up at the top" and not have to deal with priority, pricing, task vs add-on, etc etc. Luckily for us, Profit Rhino does have the answer.

While customizing an option board out in the field (which can be done by entering technician view, to enter technician view make sure the toggle in the top right is not green). You should see three small little lines on the middle right of a repair. The image below demonstrates:

By pressing your finger down on that button for about 3 seconds, you should see the repair lift up. While it's lifted, you can drag to any position on the option you'd like and lift your finger to place it there. The following images demonstrate:

In the previous image, you may have noticed that I've outlined a small lock symbol on the repair. That lock symbol is to indicate that you have shifted the position of this task manually, and that it should not be resorted using your default option board sorting rules.

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