Those of you using Profit Rhino's mobile tool may be wondering how you can manage your customers in Profit Rhino. Namely, I'm sure you're wondering how you can do the following 2 things:

  1. How do I add in new customers (both from the web and from the mobile tool)?

  2. How do I import my list of customers from another software?

We'll start with the most basic, and most important function of the customer section: Adding in new customers.

To add a new customer from the web portal, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Log in to your account, and click the "Customers" tab on the left.

  2. Once there you'll see a button in the top right that says "Create Customer"

 3. After you've selected create customer, you'll be brought to a customer creation screen where you'll need to fill in the following fields (There are additional fields you can fill out, but these are the required ones).:
              a. First Name & Last Name OR Company Name if it is a commercial customer.
              b. Street
              c. City
              d. State
              e. Zip Code

 4. Once you've finished inputting the required fields, click the Save and Close button. Upon doing so, you will see your completed customer on the customer list.

To have your current customer list imported into Profit Rhino for you we will need you to supply use with your customer list in a Microsoft Excel File. We will need the following six pieces of information all in separate columns inside that Microsoft Excel file in order to be able to import your customer list successfully. Any customers missing any one of the follow six pieces of information will not be loaded into you Profit Rhino Customer List.

  1. Customer First Name

  2. Customer Last Name

  3. Street Address (313 Main St.)

  4. City

  5. State

  6. Zip Code

If you have any email addresses and/or phone numbers for your customers you can also include them as separate columns in the Microsoft Excel file and we can upload that information as well, however it is not required for the upload like the six pieces of information above.

Attached link directs you to how a technician creates a customer out in the field if he needs to.

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