For those of you that use Profit Rhino's mobile tool, you may be wondering how precisely you can manage the quotes and invoices your technicians are generating without needing to log into the Profit Rhino mobile app. To do this, you'll need to utilize Profit Rhino's work order grid.

Profit Rhino's work order grid allows you to manage the quotes and invoices easily from the website. No needs to log into the mobile app to see what technicians are invoicing what.

To get to the work order grid, log in to your account on the website, and click the Work Orders button on the left.

Your work orders are listed here.

There's a lot of information to break down here. So, what we will do is drill down into one quote, and just break down the information present from left to right:

  1. The first thing you're going to see here is the work order's number, and the work order's "status." The "status" of the work order refers to which portion of the quote or invoicing process this particular work order is in. The available choices are: Open, In Progress, Complete and Cancelled. The other data displayed here is whether this work order is a quote or an invoice.

  2. Here you'll see the date this work order was created and who created it.

  3. This is the customer this work order is associated with.

  4. This is the technician who is associated with this work order.

  5. This will show you all the options presented to this customer. This way you can know that your technicians are presenting options, you can see what options were presented and which option tier customers are most likely to choose.

  6. This is the total amount due on this work order.

  7. This is the amount was paid on this work order.

  8. This is the amount that's due on this work order after taking into account payments that have been applied.

  9. This is a drop down that will let you see any of the possible three PDFs associated with this work order: the quote/invoice, the options, and the cover sheet.

  10. This will let you mark a quote as being audited.

  11. This button will allow you to email any of the three PDFs associated with this work order to the customer or any other email address you may choose.

  12. This button will delete the work order.

For more advanced topics, like exporting your work orders and filtering some of the information from these work orders, please refer to following article:

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