When using Profit Rhino's Work Order grid, there are ways for you to perform mass actions on an entire group of work orders. For instance, maybe you want to set all of these work orders to status: "Complete" or, you'd like to set them all to audit.

To do that, you'll use what are called bulk actions.

Additionally, you may want to be able to export all this important information into an excel document for your own data analysis purposes. You can do this, by clicking the Export to Excel button on the work order grid (upper right hand corner of the screen).

Lets get started with bulk actions, to perform a bulk action you'll need to select the check box next to the particular work order you'd like to perform a bulk action on, you'll the one at the top to highlight all work orders.

After doing so, you can click the bulk action button to bring up a number of different bulk action choices:

  1. You can set the work order status to Cancelled, In Progress, Complete, or Open.

  2. You can set your work to be in Audit or not.

The following image demonstrates using bulk actions:

As for exporting invoices, if you click the Export To Excel button directly next to the search button, an excel document will be downloaded to your computer.

That excel document will have all of your work orders broken out into a table that will allow you to sort on each of these columns and break down this data for your own internal purposes.

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