Those of you who have been using Profit Rhino's mobile tool, may have been wondering how you can email any of the quotes/invoices/options that your technicians have generated out in the field to a customer. This can be handled via Profit Rhino's work order grid.

To access the Profit Rhino work order grid, log into your Profit Rhino account, from a laptop or desktop computer, and click the Work Orders icon on the left.

Then click on the mail icon for the customer you want to send an invoice to.

Clicking on that icon will bring up the following pop-up window:

On this pop-up you're doing three primary things, determining who this work order is going to go to, which version of the work order that person is going to see, and whether the work order will showing price or not.

After you've select those settings, just click Send Email and your invoice will be sent via Profit Rhino's invoice client.

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