You can create and track customers from our mobile tool.

To get to that screen, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Log in to Profit Rhino's mobile app.

  2. Click the customer button in the bottom right or the customer icon on the tool bar in the top.

  3. Search for the customer you'd like to view the details of and you should see two buttons, "Assign to Work Order" and "View/Edit"

Once you've clicked "View/Edit" you should see the following screen:

The block on the right contains your customer details:

  1. At the top you have the customers number, the customers first name and the customer's last name.

  2. Next you'll see the customer's company name if they are a commercial customer.

  3. Next you'll see their email address.

  4. After that you'll have their phone number.

  5. Following that is their mobile number.

  6. Below that is a fax number.

  7. Other is another number this customer can be reached at.

  8. And website is any website URL for this customer (this would mostly be for commercial customers that would have websites).

On the left is the Service Address section. Here you'll be able to see all the service addresses this particular customer has, and can select any to create a work order with.

For each service address, you'll see the following:

  1. Edit this Service Address

  2. Make this service address the default billing address

  3. Create a new work order using this service address.

Finally, we have the Work Order section. Here is where you'll see a complete history of a customer's work orders:

From left to right you can see the following:

  1. The work order number

  2. The date this work order was created and the technician who created it.

  3. The date this work order was last updated and the technician who updated it.

  4. The customer this work order is associated with.

  5. The service address this work order was performed at.

  6. The options this customer was presented with (red means that option wasn't selected, green means it was)

  7. The total amount of the work order.

  8. The amount paid.

  9. The amount still due.

By clicking any of these work orders, you can reopen them and edit them as needed.

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