With Profit Rhino's new update, we've included the ability to track and manage customers in Profit Rhino.

Now that we've started doing this, we want to make sure it's easy for you to manage your customer data. Part of that, is giving you the ability to manage the occasional duplicate customer record that may occur.

Profit Rhino does this through what is called "merging". Merging will allow you to combine two customers together to get all work orders and service address under one roof.

You can merge a customer with another by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Customers section on the Profit Rhino web portal.

  2. Click into the customer you'd like to merge into another customer.

  3. Click the merge button at the top right of the screen:

After doing so, it's going to ask you which customer you'd like to "merge" this customer into. Essentially, it's asking you which customer you want to combine this customer's information with. You can search for a customer by their name or email address.

Once you've found the customer you'd like to merge with, just click the green action button.

After doing so, you'll see an alert at the top of the screen asking you if you're sure you'd like to merge. Click "Yes" and the customers will be merged together.

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