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An overview of the first meeting of our Flat Rate Success Program.

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The Success Meeting is the first step in our Flat Rate Success Program for both our customers that will be exporting our data to their current Field Service Software and those of you who will be using the Profit Rhino Mobile App. You will meet with your CSA (Customer Success Associate) for the first time, who will be with you throughout the entire onboarding process. 

The main goal of the Success Meeting is to get Profit Rhino customized to your business. We will walk you through setting up your specific bill out rates and parts mark ups so that all the tasks within Profit Rhino will be calculating based off of your numbers. If you offer maintenance agreements we will also walk you through getting any discounts associated with those setup as well. We will also setup your refrigerant pricing if applicable to your business.

Once we get your numbers input in the system, we will take a look at some high level categories, and prices to determine if we need to change any of your basic pricing information to reflect your business needs. Having an easy to navigate and streamlined price book based off of what your do is a recipe for success. 

From here, the paths will split depending on which SmartPrice product you are using. If you will be exporting the data, we will look to get your field service software rep's contact information and go live date goals. If you are using our app, we will go on to customize a few additional settings.

Steps You Can Take To Better Prepare For The Success Meeting

  • Fill out the worksheet sent over by your Profit Rhino Sales Rep

  • Have contact information of employees you would like to give access too

  • Have contact information of your rep from your current field service software

  • Have a go live date that you would like to hit

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