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An overview of our Tech Training, the 5th step if the Flat Rate Success Program

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Tech Training is the 5th step of our Flat Rate Success Training Program for customers that will be using our "Profit Rhino Pro" mobile app. We have covered everything your admins and back office workers will need to know. Now we move on to training your technicians on how to best utilize Profit Rhino out in the field. 

The goal of tech training is so give your technicians a good working knowledge of how to use the Profit Rhino Pro mobile app out in the field. We will teach your techs our best practices on how to be successful and profitable using our app. We want to leave your techs feeling comfortable on how to create a work order, present options, and finish out a service call from being dispatched to job completion. Once this meeting is over we ask that your techs practice with the app. Take it out in the field with them or stay in the office and go through the process as if it was being used live. Once they are comfortable using the app they can start using it out in the field on live service calls.
We will schedule another meeting a week or so after the first tech training to review any questions from your techs that used the app out in the field. We will want to address those questions and troubleshoot any difficulties they are having while testing. From there we will work with you on setting a plan to go live. If you are all set to start using it on live service calls after this meeting we will follow up with a phone call the next week to make sure everything is going smooth out in the field for your techs, we can then schedule an additional training meeting if needed. Or if you think you still need some more training before going live we can continue to schedule training reviews until you feel comfortable enough to use the app out in the field.

Steps You Can Take To Better Prepare For The Tech Training:

  • Have each tech that will be testing it in the field have their tablets in front of them to be able to follow along on their own

  • Make sure all tablets have Profit Rhino downloaded on them and are currently running the most up to date version of the app

  • Download Zoom onto your tablets and share their screen with your Customer Support Associate if needed.

  • Give your techs the tablets a few days before the meeting so that they can navigate through the price book and get familiar with the app

  • If you have a lot of techs that will be using the app find a couple that you can make your "Champions." This is where we will want to train the trainer. These champions will be the main point of contacts with your CSA and will help in training and answering questions for your other techs down the road

Continue Your Tech Training Prep Here

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