If you are required to charge your customers a sales tax this article will explain where you can add or change this setting on the web. First login to your Profit Rhino account on the web. Click on the settings menu and you will be brought right to the Tax/Finance section. If you need to turn on your tax click on the drop down menu under where it says "Quote Builder Tax" and click "Enable". After you have it enabled look to the right of that to see the "Default Tax Rate (%)" text box. Here is where you can enter in the rate of tax that you need to charge. Once all of that is complete click the Save button underneath where you enabled the tax. If you deal with multiple tax rates choose the more common one. You will be able to manually change the tax rate on the tablet for those jobs in which you have the less common rate.

This is only for people who are using the Profit Rhino Mobile App. If you are importing our data into another Field Service Software you will be setting up all your tax rates within their system.

  1. This is where you enable the quote builder tax
  2. This is where you enter in the tax rate
  3. This is how you saveĀ 

Once these settings are entered, resync your tablet. The next time you add items to a work order, the preset tax amount will calculate. You're able to adjust the tax amount in the field if need be.

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