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Importing Your Parts Into Profit Rhino
Importing Your Parts Into Profit Rhino

How to import your own parts into Profit Rhino and the correct format they will need to be in

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Every business is different and uses different parts. Profit Rhino parts are meant to be more of a pricing place holder rather than the specific part that you carry. The great thing about the Profit Rhino platform is that it is completely customizable so you can get your own parts into the system. Below is a link that will download the part import template for you. Once you fill this out, using the help of this article, please send the completed template to, and a CSA will help get the file imported in for you.

(Right click the image above and click open in new window to see this more clearly)

After you download the part import template you will see an excel file with the headers that you see in the bottom half of the image pictured. Let's walk through what each column is and where it corresponds inside of Profit Rhino (Ex. import template verbiage/profit rhino site verbiage)

Red - Part Number/RHINO Part - This is the number of the part, it must be unique to each part meaning no duplicates. The maximum amount of characters is 30

Purple - Part Name/Description - This is the name of your part, this CAN be the same as the part number if you wish or you can describe the part in a little more detail

Green - Cost/Cost - This is the cost of the part that you pay before marking it up. If you need to enter what you would like the retail price to be please call into the support line and a CSA will help walk you through this process

Orange - Part Category/Product Line Category - This is how you will categorize your parts within Profit Rhino. This is the first level of categorization. Every Part must have a category and subcategory. There can be no duplicates across category or subcategory also no parts categories or subcategories can be duplicates of your task categories and subcategories 

Blue - Part Subcategory/Product Line - This is the more detailed category of where the part will be categorized within Profit Rhino (Ex. Part category = Copper Parts, Part sub categories can include Copper Fittings, Copper Piping, etc)

Important Note: Imported parts will go in just as parts. You will still need to attach these parts to the correct tasks within your account. Below is an article showing you how to add parts to tasks.

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