In the Profit Rhino mobile app you have the ability to apply a discount to an invoice. That discount can be in the form of a flat dollar amount or a percentage.

You're also able to use line item discounts, which provide you a couple different benefits. First, you're able to pre-build and apply specific discounts, rebates, or coupons that have promotional task names, a marketing description of your choice, a branded image, and a specified discount amount. Second, you're able to apply numerous discounts to your invoices.

This simplifies life for users in the field. It makes it incredibly easy for users to locate the discounts they wish to provide a customer and it eliminates the need for users to make calculations of their own when they want to apply numerous discounts. With a couple simple clicks a user can waive a diagnostic fee and apply a Spring Condenser Cleaning promotional discount.

Once you know how to create a task, creating a discount task is as simple as an extra click. After entering in the desired task name, descriptions, and price, by checking the 'Discount Task' box the task is now a negative amount. 

Note: The 'Discount Task' feature is used for Profit Rhino and ServiceTitan customers only. For other Field Service Softwares, you're able to apply discounts within those platforms. 

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