There are great benefits to viewing customer and work order history within the Profit Rhino mobile tool. You can see when and how many times your company has serviced the customer. You can also view the work orders associated to each job to understand what work the customer had you perform. What's important in addition to knowing what work you performed is... what exactly did we offer the customer each time out?

When reopening a past work order, the option boards that you presented will reopen along with it and be visible in the option builder. 

Why is this important? A customer may be upset that their HVAC system shut down only 3 weeks after your last repair. By viewing the options you presented, not only will you have a fair idea as to what repair is required, you'll also be able to show the customer there wasn't a misdiagnosis, rather they chose against having the recommend repair done. 

Not only were the options offered to the customer, but recommendations were included in the Summary of Findings section. If you're not currently using the Summary of Findings when presenting option boards, you can see why it's something that we definitely recommend!

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