Book Audit

The last step in your Profit Rhino training program.

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At this point in your training, you have gone through and setup all your pricing rules, parts margins and have been taught on how to customize and create tasks and parts within your Profit Rhino account. 

The main goal of the Book Audit is to make sure that your book is looking good and is ready to be used live out in the field. This is where we will want to answer any final questions that you may have and go over some common items to make sure that everything is priced out correctly. 

If everything is good there are two routes to go. The first is to import into your Field Service Software's test environment so you can get used to your new price book in their system before going live with it. The latter is to import directly into the live if you are confident enough to do so. Once this has happened the CSA that you have been working with is no longer going to be your main point of contact. Of course you can still email them directly if you would like, but we recommend emailing or using the chat function on the Profit Rhino website. Using those two outlets will get your updated book sent over, or questions answered faster than trying to reach out to your CSA directly. Also you can look through our knowledge-base by Clicking Here. To find an answer quick just use that link and search for, or navigate through the categories to find an article that will help walk you through a solution.

Steps You Can Take To Better Prepare For Your Book Audit

  • Complete any updates and customization you wanted to make to your book.

  • Have your Field Service Software rep's contact information at hand if you have yet to provide this to your CSA.

  • Have a plan in place on when you want to go live if you are planning on importing in the test environment first. This will allow you to setup a time in the future for your CSA to send over your most up to date book to be imported into your Field Service Software.

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