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An overview of the last step of your success program: Tech Review

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The Tech Review will take place a week or so after going through your tech training. This will either be a meeting after you have gone live, or right before you go live depending on your comfort level inside the Profit Rhino Pro app. 

We will review any questions or feedback from you and your techs that used the app out in the field. We will want to address those and review any trouble they might have had while testing. This is also a good time to set a plan in place for any additional users you may be adding. If you plan on adding more users and would like to schedule additional tech training, we can take care of that now and get you on the schedule. We can also do some additional training with your champion if they would like to learn more to be able to do the training themselves rather than having to setup another webinar. 

After this meeting the CSA that you have been working with is no longer going to be your main point of contact. Of course you can still email them directly if you would like, but we recommend emailing or using the chat function on the Profit Rhino website or mobile app. Using these outlets will get your questions answered faster than trying to reach out to your CSA directly. Also you can look through our knowledge base.

Steps You Can Take To Better Prepare For Your Tech Review:

  • Have all techs that will be using the app live in the field thoroughly test it both in the field and at home. The more you use the app the better you will be with it in front of the customers

  • Have a list of questions that the techs came up with when using the app

  • Have a list of areas that you would like more training on within the app

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