Mobile - 

  • Syncing & Downloading Data Time- This has now been drastically reduced and should take approx 3-5 minutes (depending on WiFi of 4G coverage). 
  • You can now utilize Profit Rhino's discount tasks in the mobile tool. Discount tasks will add flat negative values to the invoice to allow you to add the equivalent of a 100$ off coupon.
  • You can now swap the position of two option boards in the mobile tool in a similar manner to the web functionality.
  • When viewing the PDFs, you'll see a green check mark next to the option that's been added  to the work order. This is the indicator to let you know that this option is the one that the customer selected.

  • When viewing the option builder screen, you'll see text next to the option mask name for any option that's been added to the work order. This text will say, "Selected" and is just there as a visual reminder for which option you added to the quote. 

  • Option Recall! Going forward, when an Option Board is added to a work order and that work order is saved, the two items are permanently linked together (unless purposely altered). As such, that means whenever you open an old quote or work order, the option that was presented will open with it.
  • Text has been added to the option sheet PDF indicating that this value does not include tax. This text is behind a flag, so you can choose whether to display it or not.


  • Option masks in the mobile tool have been updated to reflect their functionality in the web. Going forward, option masks will appear when added tasks to option boards (so no more option 1, option 2, option 3, instead you'll see good, better, best or whatever your current mask is).

  • Invoices can now accommodate a 3 decimal tax value in Profit Rhino's mobile tool. You can now have a tax rate of 8.175, as an example.

  • Emailing Option Sheet has been added back in to Profit Rhino. You can email an option sheet as a technician from the pad, or from the server.

  • As you use Profit Rhino and utilize the shared or "Team" boards, they will now be added to a list called "Recent". This list will show you, in descending chronological order, all the team boards you've opened since your last full sync of the application.

  • Assistant Labor Time will now show in all places that regular labor time is shown in Profit Rhino's mobile app (Option Board in Technician View, Price Book, Task Search, etc). It will be rendered as AMPT:XX

  • If you're presenting an option board with less than three options, and the cover sheet is not going to be rendered, the summary of findings will now appear on the option sheet


  • You may now set as many email addresses as you like as your "Office" email, so that you can have your work orders be sent to more than one person.

  • We've added the Service and Billing address as columns on the work order grid for enhanced searching and more data visibility.

  • PDFs sent from the server will no longer have the long string of characters at the end. It will simple say Work Order PDFQ123901 (to indicate quote number)
  • Mobile customers who have not purchased a data export will now have the ability to print the audit price book.
  • Add the ability to Inactivate and Activate customers in Profit Rhino's web tool.
  • Add customer's email address and phone number to work order PDF
  • Created a new export format for Housecall Pro customers

The Little Stuff™

Mobile -

  • When viewing tasks in the quick add section if you click the add-on toggle and that task does not have an add-on version, it will remain as a task on that list instead of being removed
  • When searching for tasks if you click the add-on toggle, instead of removing tasks that do not have add-ons from the list, it will instead keep those items on the last as tasks.
  • Send and Cancel buttons (When emailing from the pad as a technician), now have an overlay on them that makes them easier to see.
  • Recommended Items will now show add to work order button even if there is no customer assigned to the work order
  • In any scenario where you need to select a book (Quick Adds, Task Search), if there is only one price book in your account, that book will be selected for you automatically
  • Priority will no longer show if you have the setting turned off.
  • You can now pinch to zoom in or out.
  • You can now change pages by swiping.

Web - 

  • Add a toggle that will allow you to remove the decimal values on rounded pricing. So instead of 400.00, you'll just see 400.
  • Added a check that prevents the automatic creation of a pricebook if there is already a price book in the account

Short List of Resolved Bugs:

  • Customer list will sync properly the first time on Android and will appear on search list without issue.
  • Invoices will put the proper technician email on there instead of the company email
  • Duplicate work order issue resolved and rectified
  • Work order quantity doubling issue rectified
  • Missing work orders restored
  • All instances of PDF being blank on emailing or printing have been resolved



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