This video will walk you through creating a work order on the Profit Rhino mobile app by locating tasks in the price book and adding them directly to the work order. We'll build on this foundation in future videos and eventually incorporate editing pre-existing option boards, and creating new option boards in the work flow process.

Below you'll see the steps taken in the video written out.

Simple Work Order Steps

  1. Dispatch - takes place outside of Profit Rhino
  2. Locate or Add Customer in Profit Rhino (Customer Icon)
  3. Click 'Create Work Order'
  4. Add Diagnostic Fee using Quick Add (Green Plus Sign) and Collect Diagnostic Signature
  5. Perform Diagnostic
  6. Locate Tasks within Price Book (Price Book Icon)
  7. Add Task to Work Order
  8. Present Service Agreements (also located within Quick Add) and select the value rate if the Service Agreement was purchased
  9. Collect the Approval Signature
  10. Perform Work
  11. Collect the Acceptance Signature
  12. Collect Payment (Dollar Sign Icon)
  13. Save and Email Invoice (Floppy Disk and Letter Icon)

Got that down okay? To see a work order created with an option board Click Here 

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