Setup and Use of Hidden Tasks

How to use hidden tasks to bake additional labor into the total job price.

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More often than not, there are some conditions at the property that simply require more labor. Hidden tasks within Profit Rhino allow you to add additional labor into a total option price without having to create a separate task.

Any task can be a hidden task in the field. Your technician would just have to switch it manually on the option board that he was building for the customer. If you wanted to preset a hidden task ahead of time, you can do that too. 

To preset a task to be hidden.

Select Edit Task Detail.

Then Hidden Task.

Keep in mind, hidden tasks only function as hidden tasks when added through an option board. If you add the tasks directly to a work order, the total will be broken out to the customer.

Hidden tasks are not intended to be used as a way raise the price on a customer. It's for the times you need to include unforeseen additional labor without having to deal with explaining an added task for just labor.

Hidden Tasks can be utilized in Profit Rhino's mobile tool only. The functionality does not transfer to outside FSMs. 

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