There are numerous instances where the prebuilt task or option that you're presenting doesn't cover the required cost of a job. More often than not, there are some conditions at the property that simply require more labor. Hidden tasks within Profit Rhino allow you to bake additional labor into a total option price without having to break out the additional labor to a customer.

Any task can be a hidden task in the field.  Your technician would just have to switch it manually on the option board that he was building for the customer.  If you wanted to preset a hidden task ahead of time, you can do that too.  Below is a screen shot of the Task Management screen, highlighted is the spot that you can preset a task to be hidden.

First Select "Edit Task Details"

Then check "Hidden Task"

Now that you've seen how to set them up. Let's take a look at how technicians can use hidden tasks in the field.

Keep in mind, hidden tasks only function as hidden tasks when added through an option board. If you add the tasks directly to a work order, the total will be broken out to the customer.

I want to be clear about our intended goal of hidden tasks. It is not to give you a way to hide labor for the sake of jacking up the price on a customer. It's intended to allow you to include additional labor without having to deal with the awkward conversation of why it's required. It may save you from feeling guilty about sneaking out to take a phone call after having to tell the customer it's going to require an additional 30 minutes.

Hidden Tasks can be utilized in Profit Rhino's mobile tool only. The functionality does not transfer to outside FSMs. 

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