Profit Rhino has a plethora of tasks for you to use and customize. Even though we have a lot of tasks in the book it may not cover everything you are currently doing. You may have a side business such as roofing, landscaping, or garage doors. These are tasks that you will not find within Profit Rhino but that doesn't mean you can't use Profit Rhino for these other businesses. By now you have most likely learned how to create tasks and categories within the Profit Rhino web tool, but if you happen to have a price book built out for that other business already you may be able to save a lot of time getting those tasks in by using our task import template.  Once you fill this out using the help of this article please send the completed template to and a CSA will help get the file imported in for you.

Red - Business Type - REQUIRED - This is what business type your task will be associated with. Business types delegate the task number and the bill out rate for this task

Green - Task Name - REQUIRED - The name of your task (48 Character limit)

Yellow - Description - Optional - The short description of the task (150 Character limit)

Purple - Marketing Description - Optional - Longer description of the task (No character limit)

Red - Task Type Time and Material - REQUIRED - If you want your task to be calculated out based off of the time it takes to preform the task at your bill out rate, and the materials associated with the task marked up according to your markup scale mark as "Yes". If you want to price your task as just a flat number enter "No"

Green - Task Type Fixed Price - Required if "No" in the Time and Material Column - This will allow you to set if you would like to manually enter in the task pricing for each your value, standard and premium pricing or if you would like to just enter the value rate and have the standard and premium calculated for you based on your markups. For manual entry of each pricing column enter "Fixed Price - Manual" for the standard and premium to be calculated for you enter "Fixed Price - Calculated"

Yellow - Labor Time - REQUIRED - This is how long your task will take in minutes. If you would not like any time on it just input a 0

Purple - Fixed Pricing - Required if task type equals Fixed Price - If you selected Fixed Price - Manual you will need to enter in a price for each Value Rate, Standard Rate, and Premium Rate. If you selected Fixed Price - Calculated you will only need to enter in an amount for you Value Rate

Red - Category - REQUIRED - Every task must have a category assigned. Here you can use one of the existing categories within the tasks business type or create your own on this sheet. One thing to note is that you cannot have any duplicate categories across different business types

Green - Sub Category - REQUIRED - Every task must have a sub category assigned. Just like categories you can use an existing one within this tasks business type and category or create your own. Again you cannot have any duplicate sub categories across different categories or business types

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