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Creating New Option Boards in the Field
Creating New Option Boards in the Field

How to create new option boards in the mobile app.

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It's great to have option boards prebuilt that you can easily open, edit and present to a customer, but you'll always run into jobs that require a brand new board. Profit Rhino gives you the ability to create a new board from scratch and also save it for use on future jobs.

A few things to think through before you create your board:

  • What is the primary repair/service?

  • What additional services can I add to the Better and Best options to offer higher quality repairs?

  • What option board and name description can I add to easily identify this board next time I want to use it?

Take a look at the video below for a quick walk through of the process:

We'd recommend always adding a summary of findings before presenting to the customer. Read how to do that here.

We were also able to quickly create an option board because the secondary tasks we wanted to offer were preset as cross-sells. Learn more here.

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