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All the settings you will want to setup before you start any tech training

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In this article we are going to look at 3 separate settings sections within Profit Rhino's website. Each one of these sections will include some of the settings that will effect your tablet while out in the field. Below will be a list of all the settings you will want to make sure to adjust before your Tech Training starts. Some of the bullet points will also have a link associated with the title so you can click in to read a little more about that specific setting.

The first settings section is simply called Mobile Settings. You can get to this page by navigating to the settings menu and clicking on "Mobile Settings" on the left.

  • Default pricing columns – These are the pricing columns that will be presented on the mobile app. Customers will be able to see any of the columns that were selected. Recommendation: If you have service agreements choose Standard, Value, You Save. If not, choose Standard Only.

  • Display Pricing Columns – This will show the verbiage “Value,” “Standard," “You Save." “Premium” underneath the pricing depending on what columns you choose to display. Note: If you are only going to be showing one pricing column, you will want this to be turned off.

  • Wi-Fi or cell data – If your tablets have access to both Wi-Fi and cell data and you would like to limit the downloading and updating of the book while only on Wi-Fi you can change the setting to “Wi-Fi only.” Recommendation: Allow syncing of book on both networks. Also it is highly recommended to have mobile data on all tablets you will be using in the field.

  • Display images – If you would like the task images to be displayed on your option boards and work orders.

  • Option Tax Excluded Text – This gives you the ability to show whether or not to show that an option boards doesn't have tax included with the price presented.

  • PDF colors – If you would like to change the color scheme of your PDFs, you can do so here. You can pick a background color and a text color. These colors will be represented on your option sheets and work orders

The next settings section we are going to take a look at is called the Work Order Settings. To get to this section, navigate to the settings menu and click on the Work Order Settings selection on the upper left.

  • Define Rate LabelsThese are the labels that will be presented underneath your pricing columns. There is a 20 character limit for this section.

  • Download work order data – This will limit the amount of days that work order data will be downloaded from each sync. All your work orders will be available regardless of how old they are but only you will need to download them individually to see the full work order. In simplest terms, the less days, the quicker the sync, but you won’t have full access to all work orders unless internet access is available.

  • Auto generate cover sheet If you would like your options cover sheet to show select “Yes.” Note: If this is turned off, you will not see the cover sheet when presenting options AND when presenting a work order with options attached, as opposed to the setting below which will only effect showing the option sheet on the work order. 

  • Auto Generate Option Sheet – If you would like your option sheet to show up with the work order PDF select “Yes.”

  • Work order addendum and text box If you need to include specific verbiage along with every invoice fill in the text box with whatever information you need to provide your customers.

  • Authorization Signature – This is your diagnostic signature. You can choose to hide or show it. Also, next to it you will notice a text box. This is where you can enter a legalese that the customer needs to read before signing. This legalese will also be represented on the work order PDF.

  • Approval Signature – This signature cannot be turned off. Also next to it you will notice a text box. This is where you can enter a legalese that the customer needs to read before signing. This legalese will also be represented on the work order PDF

  • Acceptance Signature – You can choose to turn on or off this signature box. Also next to it you will notice a text box. This is where you can enter a legalese that the customer needs to read before signing. This legalese will also be represented on the work order PDF.

The last setting section is called Notifications. To get to this section navigate to the settings menu and click on the Notifications button on the upper left side menu.

  • Customer, Office, and Other PDF Version – Each one of these drop downs contains two options to choose from Customer View and Technician View. The customer view will hide line item pricing on options whereas the technician view will show each line item price on the option set. Recommendation: Customer = Customer View, Office = Tech View, Other = Customer View.

  • Office Email – Enter in the email address that you would like your saved work orders to be delivered. If you will not be sending emails of the work order to the office, you will still need to add one here so you can choose that address for settings covered below.

  • Show Logo in Email – If you would like your logo to be attached to the email body of the work orders you send out, select "Yes," if not select "No."

  • Email Option – This drop down will allow you to select the default email recipients. Regardless of which option you have selected, you will still be able to select more or unselect one that was defaulted. 

  • Send Email From – This option will allow you to select how you send our your emails. "Mobile pad as Technician" will send the emails from your default email client attached to the tablet and the customer will receive that from the tablets email address. "Server as" will send from our server from a masked email address of This will allow you to send customer and tech view of the email at the same time, rather than having to send out two emails. Also, any replies will be directed towards your office email. Recommendation: Send from server.

  • Show Email on Work Order – This is the email that will appear on the work order. You can choose from the technician's email, the office email you entered earlier, or the company email which is the email you used to sign up with Profit Rhino. Recommendation: Office email.

  • Default Email Text – This is the text that will be displayed in the body of the emails sent out to your customers with the attached work order PDFs. You can customize this as much as you would like.

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