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Turning Signatures on/off and Adding Legal Verbiage
Turning Signatures on/off and Adding Legal Verbiage

How to turn on or off specific signatures boxes and where to add a legal terminology for each signature

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On the Profit Rhino mobile app there are three different signatures you can collect:

The Authorization (Diagnostic), the Approval, and the Acceptance signature.

Of those three, only one is required — the Approval. The other two are optional and can be toggle them on or off on our web platform by logging into your account at These can be edited, along with the verbiage attached to them, in the Settings tab, under Work Order Settings.

Go to Signatures section. From here you will noticed the first of our three signatures the Authorization (appears as Diagnostic Signature in the Profit Rhino Pro app). You can flip the slider icon over to hide the signature box if you do not want it to show on the mobile app, or leave it on show if you would like to keep it. Green on the toggle means that it will appear on the tablet inside your Profit Rhino Pro app. Below are images of this settings page and how these settings will effect your work order builder and PDF's. The text box, located to the right of the toggle is where you can enter any legal verbiage that you want to include on the tablet. The text that you enter into that box will show up on the PDF of the work order under Acknowledgements section.

Signatures Settings on Web

Work Order Builder (With Acceptance Signature Hidden from Above Photo)

Work Order PDF

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