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How to set up default email settings on our web platform, and how to send the actual work order from the tablet.

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Within the Notification Settings in Profit Rhino, you can edit your default email settings.

Log into the Profit Rhino's website and go to My Account.

Then Settings.

Then Notifications.

Now you can add logos, edit text and pick which version of email goes to customer, tech and office.

There are two ways you can send email notifications to your customers:

  1. Technician's email

    1. If your technicians have email set up on their tablet, this will allow them to send email notifications directly to customers. Your customers will have the ability to directly reply to those emails.

  2. yourservicework.com

    1. Sends an email from noreply@yourservicework.com which your customers will be able to view but not reply to.

You can also choose to send your Work Order PDFs as one file or separate files.


On the mobile tool, when you select the "Email Option" you will have the choice to send the email the Customer, Technician and the Office. You can select any one of these or any combination of these choices.

You will also have the choice to enter your own email address at the time of sending it. That email can be entered into the "Other" field. In that field, you can enter as many email addresses as you would like.

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