Within the Notification Settings in Profit Rhino you can edit your default email Settings.  This will allow you to present the version of the email that goes to the recipient that you select.  So you can preset the customer to always to get the "Customer" view and the office to always receive the "Tech" view. You can also preset the office email that you want to send all of your work orders back to.  

Below that you have options to send your logo on the email.  The next drop down is asking whether or not you want to send emails from the "Mobile pad as Technician" or from "yourservicework.com."  The first option there means that you would send the email from your, or you technicians tablet, and they would need an active email account set up on their tablets to do that.  The second option is good if your technician doesn't have an active email account set up on the tablet.  Below that you can choose to send your Work Order PDFs as one file or separate files.  In the right hand column you can choose whether or not to lock your default settings on the tablet and which email you want to actually show up on the work order.  Your choices for which email will show up are "Technician," "Office" or "Company" email.  The last, largest field, is your "Default Email Text."  In this field you can load in a default email signature to be sent out with each Work Order.  This will prevent your technicians from having to write an email each time.


On the mobile tool when you select the "Email Option" you will have the choice to send the email the Customer, Technician and the Office.  You can select any one of these or any combination of these choices.  You will also have the choice to enter your own email address at the time of sending it.  That email can be entered into the "Other" field.  In that field, you can enter as many email addresses as you would like.  So if the customer is a husband and wife and the husband has the main contact email it will show up under the "Customer" section, but you could add the wife in the "other" field if she wanted to receive a copy of the email.

Below the recipients of the email is the "Versions of the work order to send."  That is where you can select which version of the work order is going to be sent to the recipients that you selected.  Your options there are "Customer" or "Technician" view. The selection that you make here is going to be sent to the recipients that you checked off above.  


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