When generating a PDF to present to the customer, you will be given a choice on whether to show or hide pricing. If you choose to show pricing, the bundled pricing will show up on your option boards as normal. If you choose to hide pricing, there will be no pricing shown when presenting an option. This feature allows you to cover all the repair options without involving pricing on the initial presentation. Once you describe the options and which solution will be best for them, you can then generate another PDF with the pricing to go over how much each option will cost. The below image is the pop you will get after clicking to generate a PDF

This feature can also be used when sending the PDF's to the customer. If you do not wish to show pricing on the emailed PDF choose hide, and if you wish for them to see the pricing choose show. Below is an image of the pop you will get before sending an option to the customer

Below are a few images of how your option boards will look without pricing showing:

Option Cover Sheet Without Pricing

Option Sheet Without Pricing

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