Scenario 1 : Adding Tasks Directly to the Work Order

Receive Dispatch and Locate Customer

  • Step 1: You are being dispatched to a job for John Smith at 356  Jackson Ave NYC, New York 12345

  • Step 2: Go to the customer list icon (the icon is the little silhouette of a man at the top or under the Quick Links: Customer button).  Search and find customer "John Smith"     

Launch Work Order and Perform Diagnosis

  • Step 3: Launch a work order for this customer using the "Create  Work Order" button

  • Step 4: Use the Quick Add (green +) to add a  dispatch/diagnosis/service fee's

  • Step 5: Get the customer signature for the Diagnosis fee in the signature box at  the bottom     

Build Your Quote

  • Step 6: Add a good faucet task for a Kitchen/Bar (Search using the Price Book  icon - Price book, Plumbing, Kitchen/Bar, Kitchen Faucet New) - Add this task  to the invoice by clicking the add button        

  • Step 7: Add a better side sprayer at the Add-on pricing (when viewing the price  book use the toggle in the top right hand corner to switch over to Add-On  pricing)         

  • Step 8: Go into the working invoice that we have currently open (the icon is clip  board with check mark)        

  • Step 9: Click on the internal notes icon and add the note "the dog  bites" (the icon is a paper with bottom of the edge folded over, located on the left side of the invoice)        

  • Step 10: Click on the Quick Add to Add note for the work order for the customer  Note: side sprayer requested by customer        

  • Step 11: Add a 10% discount for being military in the total due box (the  sub-total/total on the left side - look for the arrow)      

Present  to the Customer, Collect Signature, and Payment              

  • Step 12: Get the customer signature for the approval of the work in the approval  signature box at bottom of work order        

  • Step 13: Get the customer signature for the acceptance of the work being done

  • Step 14: Take the payment in full by credit card with the card ending in 7536 

  • Step 15: Save and email the invoice   

Now that you've mastered adding tasks directly to the work order, try Using Prebuilt Option Boards!

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