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Mobile App Practice - Jobs with Prebuilt Option Boards
Mobile App Practice - Jobs with Prebuilt Option Boards

We highly recommend that your technicians practice using the mobile app on their own. Here is one of the practice scenarios for the to use!

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Receive Dispatch and Locate Customer   

  • Step 1: Dispatched to a job for Jane Smith at 789  Jack Ave NYC, New York 12345 

  • Step 2: Go to the customer list icon. Search and find customer "Jane Smith."

Launch Work Order and Perform Diagnosis              

  • Step 3: Launch a work order for this customer     

  • Step 4: Use the Quick Add to add a dispatch/diagnosis/service fee's

  • Step 5: Get the customer signature for the Diagnosis fee     

Build Your Quote

  • Step 6: Open your option boards (123 with 3 dashes icon)        

  • Step 7: Find and open the Plumbing (Business Type) > Utility > Utility Standard Faucet Replacements and add to a new option board to present to the customer  

  • Step 8: Add to the "Best" option onto the option board

  • Step 9: Personalize it with Jane Smith's Invoice        

  • Step 10: Add a summary of findings note     

Present to the Customer, Collect  Signature, and Payment              

  • Step 11: Present the option board to the customer and they choose

  • Step 12: Add the option to the work order

  • Step 13: Give a 10% Senior discount       

  • Step 14: Add the Service Agreement agreement charge to the invoice (Quick Add)

  • Step 15: Add an internal note about faucet location in lower bathroom

  • Step 16: Get the customer signature for the approval for the work to begin

  • Step 17: Get the customer signature for the acceptance of the work        

  • Step 18: Get the payment in full for the job using a check ending in 12345

  • Step 19: Save and email the invoice out to the customer

Now that you've mastered using prebuilt option boards, try Creating Your Own Option Board!

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