Receive Dispatch and Locate Customer   

  • Step 1: Dispatched to a job for Nick Smith at 159 Jim Ave NYC, New York 12345    

  • Step 2: Go to the customer list icon. Search and find customer "Nick Smith"

Launch Work Order and Perform Diagnosis              

  • Step 3: Launch a work order for this customer        

  • Step 4: Add a dispatch/diagnosis/service fee        

  • Step 5: Get the customer signature for the Diagnosis fee

Build Your Quote         

  • Step 6: Open your option boards - click on New Option Board        

  • Step 7: Enter the Name of Best Faucet Test        

  • Step 8: Enter the Description of "This is a test only a test"        

  • Step 9: Click on the Business Type of Plumbing        

  • Step 10: Select the Good, Better, Best mask        

  • Step 11: Add a total of 3 task (1 task, 2 add-on) to the best option         

  • Step 12: Add a total of 2 task (1 task, 1 add-on) to the better option        

  • Step 13: Add a total of 1 task to the good option         

  • Step 14: Personalize it with Mr. Nick Smith Invoice        

  • Step 15: Add a summary of findings

Present to the Customer, Collect  Signature, and Payment              

  • Step 16: Present the option board to the customer. They choose the best option    

  • Step 17: Add the best option to the work order        

  • Step 18: Add a service agreement         

  • Step 19: Bill the customer at the value (service agreement) rate         

  • Step 20: Get the customer signature for the approval of the invoice        

  • Step 21: Get the customer signature for the acceptance of the work        

  • Step 22: The payment was paid in full using a cash         

  • Step 23: Save and email the invoice out  

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